Jul 7, 2011

My apologies for my absence...

Ok. Let me first admit that my blogging in the last few months has been weak at best.  I have had several blog topics in mind, but ministry responsibilities and the distractions from other things on the internet have often caused me to neglect any writing.  Nevertheless, I am going to try to post more often and post things that are pertinent to my life, my leadership, and my developing theology and missiology.  I am not ruling out the occasional gloat about MS State football or Red Sox baseball or the occasional "I hate the Yankees" post. 

I know that this attention to my blog will be good news to the 8 or so of you who most often read my blog.  I hope that my neglect hasn't caused you severe discomfort and if it has, please accept my apology.  My hope is that posting more often might actually increase my readership.  At any rate, it will give me an outlet to express my thoughts and hopefully keep me better connected to my friends who are interested in what I have to say.  If you get a chance, post a comment every once in a while to let me know you are reading and what you think.