Jun 27, 2011

A Few Links to Click

I like to read other blogs because they help me to think more deeply about my own life and theology.  Here are a few that I have read the past week that would be worth your time to read:

The Enemy Next Door by Tim Challies - Challies has become one of the preeminent bloggers in the evangelical world.  This post about our attitude towards unbelievers rings too true in most churches.  God have mercy on us!

The Missional Idea in Scripture by Ed Stetzer - Great post by Ed. He's really on track in helping churches to understand our missional mandate.  I love the reminder that God has always been a "sending" God and that if we are to be faithful to him, we must be on mission as well. 

Vocation: Discerning Your Calling by Tim Keller - I love anything that comes from Keller's pen.  This guy is on target and in the trenches.  He is leading a great church in the heart of the mission field of New York.  Great post on being a steward of your job. This is what missional living is about.

Do You Teach Your Kids the Gospel or the Law? by Elyse Fitzpatrick - another good post related to the messages we send our kids about the gospel.  An important question for every Christian parent that we must constantly return to. 

Immigration and the Gospel by Russell Moore - a very important post about a very timely issue.  A few weeks ago this topic was a heated conversation on the floor of the Southern Baptist Convention.  It concerns me that many times we let our earthly allegiance to the United States blind us to our heavenly allegiance to the kingdom of God and the advancement of the gospel.  If you are concerned about immigration issues, read this first before you chime in with your opinion.