Jan 29, 2014

Some Pics from an Alabama Snow Day

Rare Winter Storm in Alabama

Yesterday, central and southern Alabama was hit with an incredible and partially unexpected winter storm.  The storm wasn't completely unexpected, but the impact and widespread area was. Local weather guys had been saying for a few days that areas in Montgomery and South could expect some freezing rain and snow.  However, even early Tuesday morning, they were seeing that their forecast models were still uncertain how bad it could be.  I heard one weatherman in Montgomery saying at 6:00 AM Tuesday that the line could move further north, but they weren't sure.  Well, it did.  Instead of getting snow at Noon, Alex City started getting freezing rain at 7:00 AM and snow by 9:00 AM. Birmingham, which wasn't forecasted for much but some cold rain, instead got pummeled by snow and rain that froze us roads by 11:00 AM. Needless to say, it has been quite an adventure.

Thanks to all the people of the Alex City School System for working so hard to get kids home safe with very little warning. Thanks to the police and many volunteers of Alex City for helping push cars that were on ice and getting people home.  Lots of people have been negatively affected, but the people of Alabama, for the most part, have shown great resiliency and a positive attitude and neighborly spirit of cooperation.

Here is a video from a Birmingham news station of what that city looks like from the sky this morning:

RAW VIDEO: An aerial view of Birmingham and the surrounding areas: Part 1