Jul 7, 2011

C J Mahaney is taking a "leave of absence"

One of the men that I have had the privilege of connecting to his ministry in the last 5 years or so is C. J. Mahaney.  C.J. is one of the founding pastors of Covenant Life Church outside Washington, D.C.  He led that fellowship for 27 years before handing the reigns to Joshua Harris.  C.J. also helped to start Sovereign Grace Ministries which is a network of like-minded leaders who are committed to establishing gospel-centered churches. 

I have heard C.J. speak personally on a couple of occasions and listened to him online speak at several conferences with godly, gospel-centered men such as Al Mohler, John MacArthur, John Piper, and Mark Dever.  He has shown a strong commitment to biblical exposition and sound theology.  C.J. has written some excellent books including The Cross Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing and Humility: True Greatness.  Every time I have read C.J. or heard him speak I am impressed with his graciousness and humility. 

Below is a post from C.J. about his recent decision to take a leave of absence from Sovereign Grace.  As you read this, you will get a sense of the humility and godliness that mark this servant of God.  Be praying for C.J. as he walks this journey over the next few months. 

C.J. Mahaney "Why I Am Taking a Leave of Absence"


Freeinchrist said...

Folks, you need to read the actual correspondence between Mahaney and other “apostolic team” members in the WikiLeaks documents. It includes years of folly and shows that CJ was resisting correction for years.

I pray that this season will bring healing and correction.


Steve said...

A shame that C.J. Mahaney didn't show any humility with what was revealed about him in the documents. Mahaney was quick to call his sin ordinary and go back to preaching.