Jan 13, 2012

Around the Internet

Here are a few of the best blogs and articles I have come across the internet the last week.

Jared Wilson's Response to Jesus>Religion - There's a new video circulating around Facebook and the internet by an artist named Jefferson Bethke where he conveys why being in love with Jesus is better than just being religious.  It's very creative and thought-provoking.  It also can be misconstrued to advocate an alarming trend that we can love Jesus and live the Christian life outside of the church. While many American churches have become self-serving institutions and guardians of the moral police, it is also the institution that Christ created and that he died for. Wilson does a great job looking at some of the deeper issues raised by this popular video.

10 Thoughts on Tim Tebow mania - I love Tim Tebow.  My wife absolutely loves Tim Tebow!  She has become an NFL and Bronco fan just because of Tim Tebow.  He has become a polarizing figure in our society that reflects a larger reality of the divide between those who follow Christ and those who follow the philosophies of this world.  Nathan Busenitz wrote a very good article on 5 positive things about Tebow-mania and 5 concerns.  Very much worth a look.

If Jesus Tweeted - My friend Chad Gibbs is one of the most creative and humorous guys I know.  He has a great blog and put together a funny look at what Jesus' Twitter profile might look like.

Mark Driscoll on Rick and Bubba -Mark Driscoll has a new book on marriage and a conference tour. I have a copy of the book I hope to read and review later.  He appeared on a radio interview with Rick and Bubba.  Here is the interview and gives you a good idea of the contents of the book. Sounds like it's definitely worth a read.

Loving Movies (or anything else) more than Jesus - I saw this link on someone's facebook this week.  It's a blog post from John Piper on our tendency to elevate our love and affections for created things over the Creator. It's not overly critical, but a very positive and encouraging article.