Aug 5, 2010

I Am True Maroon!

Just found this video release from my 1st true love in sports.  Excuse the self-serving, nothing-to-do-with Jesus or the church moment.  This is just for my fellow Bulldog fans as we head into a fall where optimism is high and we have nowhere else to go but up.  Times have been tough at MSU the last few years.  However, I believe that MSU fans have proven over and again that we are the most loyal and devoted fans in the SEC.  It's not hard to be loyal and excited when your teams when national championships and your Athletic Department coffers are full, when your stadium holds 85,000 to 100,000 and sells out every game.  It's much harder when your consistently in the bottom in athletic budget and are trying to build a program to compete in the toughest conference in most sports - specifically Football, Baseball, and Track.

Where my Bulldogs at?