Apr 6, 2010

Post-Easter Check-In

I have been extremely convicted lately about my lack of writing to my blog. It has been a very busy set of weeks lately with lots going on. I've been having some great lunches with church members, trying to get us some exciting programs and events, and still trying to find time for sermon planning. Here is a check-in for the past few weeks:
  • Easter Sunday. WOW! What a great day! Besides being the most important day all year for the church, it was special all the way around. I was praying for an attendance of 350 but secretly hoping for more. Our final Sunday AM attendance figure was 387! While I am not always big on numbers, I am thankful that God rewarded the faithfulness of Sixth Street members to pray and invite.
  • Guest Services on Easter Sunday. WOW! Robert Forbus has taken the ball and done an awesome job of leading our efforts out front. With all the additional people, there were still lots of parking spaces available. The guys in the lot with the vests looked great. The ushers and other personnel with their new nametags and lanyards looked awesome. People were taken to seats. All in all it created a great environment from the parking lot to the pew.
  • Easter Egg Hunt. WOW! We had a great attendance at our Easter Egg Hunt. The kids had lots of games to play and everyone left with a basket full of eggs. It was a blessing to be able to have another event out on our Airport Drive property. Thanks to Eric Miller and the Children's Ministry Team for pulling this event off.
  • I am really enjoying the new series "Unveiling Easter". It has been a real blessing to dig into the events surrounding the Passion Week and see Christ's sovereignty and steadfastness to the cross.
  • We have been blessed to have a lot of visitors the past couple of weeks. We have to do a better job of getting info and follow-up. However, it is nice to hear our church members say, "There were a lot of people there I didn't know." Keep doing it Lord!
  • Baseball has started in our family. We have two playing and we are loving it! I was blessed to be asked to say the prayer at the Opening Day ceremony. Thanks to Sonny Wilson for the invitation.
  • I will be traveling to Kentucky next week with Miles Ward and Bill Young for a scouting trip for our summer mission trip there. Looking forward to seeing what types of ministry opportunities we will have there.
  • Plan to be at our Family Life Meeting Sunday night. I have a vision to introduce for adoption that will clarify our core values and our mission statement. I will have copies available for you to pick up Sunday morning.
  • I am convinced and convicted that the two most vital areas we need to address soon is developing Community Groups and increasing the quantity and quality of our Children's Ministry programming. For us to become better at reaching our children will require all of us to stack hands and be a part. Please be in prayer for our leadership as we make decisions that will help us out in these vital areas.
  • Finally, Spring is here. Baseball has started. The boats are out on the lake. However, don't let Spring Fever keep you from your church attendance. Remember to keep your relationship with Christ and his Bride a high priority and set an example for your children.
See You Sunday!