Apr 15, 2010

Mid-Week Check In

Hello all. Been a busy week. Now that baseball has begun both at the park and on my tube, I find my time and attention diverted often. The weather the last few weeks has been awesome except for the pollen.
  • The crowd was a little lower this past Sunday than in past weeks. I am not sure why, but I hope Spring Fever and Lake Martin are not affecting us too bad. God has given us some great blessings to enjoy and wired us to need a Sabbath regularly. However, I caution us to make sure that we keep our priority on honoring Christ and his bride on Sundays and pursue our recreational opportunities around that.
  • Although the crowd was smaller, the atmosphere was still great. I saw some more guests with us this week. It appears that most every week we are having some new people on the campus. I am thankful for our Guest Services teams that are stepping up to help people feel welcome.
  • We were also blessed to have Baylie Kizzah share with us in song Sunday morning. She is a very talented young lady with an awesome voice and a heart for God.
  • On Monday and Tuesday, Miles Ward, Bill Young, and I went to McDowell, Kentucky to scout out our mission trip this summer. We are working with God's Appalachian Partnership there. We have selected a couple of homes to do some construction work on. We also have some interesting ministry opportunities at the Distribution Center. Be in prayer for us. We have about 8 spots left that we can fill if you feel led to go.
  • I read a great book this week by John Maxwell that I will post a review on for my blog. I am about to start a book recommended to me by my friend Jason Seales called "The Trellis and the Vine". It's about how pastors approach ministry and creating a culture that truly helps us to make disciples. I am excited about it!
  • I have graciously received an offer to preach for the upcoming City-Wide Evangelistic Services sponsored by the Alexander City Ministerial Association. I am humbled by the offer and look forward to preaching to many in our city on Wednesday, May 19. Please be in prayer for me as I prepare for this opportunity.
  • We will be working hard in the next couple of weeks to fill the Children's Ministry Associate and Receptionist position. Pray for wisdom for the Personnel team as we evaluate the applications.
Verse of the week - "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." John 13:35