Jan 4, 2010

Monday Morning Clarity (one day late)

We had a great start to 2010 this past Sunday. It was awfully cold outside, but inside we had a warm spirit and people ready to see God do incredible things in 2010. Here are some thoughts as we start the new year:

  • I feel challenged that we as a church need to pray with more desperation. I’ve only been pastor for 6 months, but I feel incredibly guilty that we aren’t praying enough mainly because we aren’t desperate enough. We’ve become very good at doing Christianity without the source of eternal life. I pray that God increases my desperation in 2010.
  • We started a new series Sunday called “Ekklesia” about the nature and purpose of the church. The biggest observation I have had as pastor is that we are better at “doing” church than we are at “being” the church. My hope is that over the next few weeks, we can upack the nature and purpose of the church in such a way that we will see exiciting things happening real soon.
  • This week, I am at Passion 2010 with Eric and some of our college students. I love Louie Giglio and the Passion movement. It’s awesome to see what God is doing in this generation. These students have been challenged to make a difference in global sex trafficking, poverty and education, translating the Bible into a language of an unreached people group, and more. In addition, we’ve been challenged by Francis Chan, Beth Moore, and Andy Stanley. John Piper is coming up tonight!
  • In case you missed it Sunday or in my newsletter article, I have challenged Sixth Street with three goals for 2010. First is to commit to read the Bible regularly, possibly all the way through. See my post below for a Bible reading plan. Secondly, I have challenged us to commit to pray for 3 people specifically and strategically this year. Write the names down on a card and put it in your Bible, wallet, purse, or your dashboard of the car. Third, I have challenged us to find a place to serve in the church and kingdom. If you can’t find a ministry to serve in, talk to me and let’s make a ministry. There is lots to do and we all have a part of it.
  • Thankful for Bill Middlebrooks subbing in for me Sunday night. Bill is a wonderful pastor and I know he did a great job.
  • This Wednesday is my wife Alison's birthday. Be sure to wish her Happy Birthday if you see her. She is the love of my life and God's biggest blessing for me.