Jun 5, 2009

Ten Most Memorable Sports Moments

I was thinking a few weeks ago about how much I love sports and what great moments I have been able to witness in my lifetime. Like a lot of guys, I am an avid sports watcher and usually cannot rest at night until I have had my SportsCenter fix. I have long loved baseball as my primary sports (the reason why a lot of my moments are baseball related). I also have a great affinity for football, golf, college basketball, and others.

Starting tomorrow, I will start posting about the Ten Most Memorable Sports moments I have witnessed. Remember, this is a personal list of the most memorable to me. You will probably not agree with all of this. I did not pick the Top Ten Sports Moments. I didn't try to necessarily include the moments that changed sports. I just compiled a list of the moments that I remember watching or hearing about that fixated my attention. There were lots of moments that didn't make the list and deserve to be mentioned - moments like the HR chase of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa in 1999, Kirk Gibson's World Series HR, The Cal/Stanford play, Doug Flutie's Hail Mary, Montana to Clark "The Catch", NC State winning the NCAA tourney, and much more. These are all great moments that I love to watch, but they didn't have the personal impact to me.

Should be fun and I'd love to hear your interaction.