May 29, 2009

Way to go Alabaster Red Sox!

Last night, I had the privilege to be a part of my son Nathan's little league team wrapping up a very special season. The Red Sox won the championship of the Alabaster Minor league and capped off a perfect season. This very special group of boys won every game we played this season! It wasn't easy, but they fought hard and played together as a team each and every game.

None of us coaches could possibly expect at the beginning of the season when we got this group out on the field for the first time that perfection was possible. We knew we had some very good players, but it was rough at the start. Most of this team is composed of 9 yr. olds who are playing "kid-pitch" for the first time. The first time we did fly-ball drills nobody came close to catching one. Our first batting cage practices were mediocre at best. However, our head coach set the goal that every practice we just wanted to get a little better. These kids worked hard and did everything we asked, each and every practice.

We had games we dominated from the start this season. We had a game where we scored 12 runs in one inning to come back down late to win by 9. We had a game where we had to score 9 runs in our last inning to tie the game after the time limit had run out. We had a game where we were losing with 1 minute to play before time ran out. We started the next inning, scored 4, and won.

All in all, we are proud of this special group of kids, especially my boy Nathan. He ended the year with a great game, getting 2 solid hits. At the end, we brought all the boys out to the mound to give them their championship trophy. Thanks again boys for a great, fun year.