Jun 9, 2009

Most Memorable Sports Moment #8

Duke/Kentucky 1992 NCAA Tournament Regional Final

I had to try and put at least one college basketball moment in my top ten and it's hard to find a moment in college basketball that was more memorable than the 1992 NCAA Regional game between Duke and Kentucky. This was one of those games that any basketball fan knows what he was feeling as he watched it. It featured 2 national powerhouses battling it out. Kentucky was on it's way back from a prolonged period of decline. Duke was trying for it's fifth Final Four in a row. Kentucky had legends like Jamal Mashburn, Travis Ford, and John Pelphrey. Duke had player of the year Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley, and Grant Hill.

These two teams battled it out for 40 minutes and finished tied and needed overtime. The overtime was epic. The two teams exchanged the lead 5 times in the last 31 seconds. With 2.1 seconds Sean Woods makes a shot over Laettner. Duke coach Krzyzewski draws up a play for Laettner that will forever be known as "The Shot." Grant Hill threw the ball into Laettner at the foul line. He took one dribble, faked right, spun left and then threw up a shot that seemed like it hung up for hours. Swish, game over. Thomas Hill's shocked look said it all. So ended an epic game and created probably the most memorable college basketball moment of the last 30 years.


Southern Belle said...

Ha! I am feeling a little old here! I can remember when Michael Jordan Played for NC. Aaron and I got married in '92, but remember this one too.