May 22, 2009

Summer begins - Family Updates

Well today is the first day of summer at the Haines' house and the kids are pumped. This morning my youngest, John David, graduated from 4K at Kingwood Christian School. We had a great time listening to them sing the books of the Bible, count to 10 in Spanish, say their memory verse, tell about long and short vowels, and lots more. He walked up and received a diploma from his teacher, Mrs. Vaughn. It was a very special time for us. He has made a lot of advances this year in 4K. We're looking forward to his first year in big school in the fall.

Nathan completed the third grade yesterday and ended his tenure at Creekview Elementary. He has really established himself as a leader at school and is still and excellent student. He especially likes science and art. He likes anything that he can tinker with or draw. He also participated this year in the gifted program at Creekview and had a great time. He is a thinker and GRC really helped him use those thinking gifts. Nathan is playing baseball with the Alabaster Minor Red Sox (9-10 yr. old) team. So far, our team is undefeated at 13-0 with 3 games to go. It's been a great group of boys and they have all made tremendous advances since the first practice.

Drew just finished second grade at Creekview and had one of his best years. Like his older brother he was tested and accepted into the GRC program starting in the fall. From the beginning, Drew's teacher Mrs. Roberson has said that Drew is "sneaky smart." He usually finishes his work faster than other students. He is an exceptional reader and is already on a 5th grade level. He has also developed a knack for writing this year. His teacher was very impressed with his ability to develop a story. Drew also has a passion for computer and video games. He bounces around between the computer, Nintendo DS, his PSP, the Playstation 3, and sometimes the Wii. Yes, we have too many video games around the house.

Now that summer is here, we are looking for some things to do. We'll spend some time swimming as well as try to get in some fishing trips for me and the boys. VBS will start in 2 weeks and Nathan is also doing a baseball camp at UAB one week.

I'm preaching at Westwood this Sunday. Looking forward to it. We are in a series called "Lost Words" and I am preaching on "Kindness". Much of the church will not be here as it is time for the yearly Memorial Day exodus to Disney or the beach. Whatever your plans, have a great weekend!