Sep 26, 2008

Presidential Politics - Something you might not hear on liberal NBC or CNN

I normally try to stay out of politics a whole lot for many reasons. However, here is an interesting post "Why I Am Ticked at Joe Biden" from Tim Stevens, executive pastor at Granger Community Church about an important and under-heard topic regarding this year's presidential election. You won't hear this one much on today's liberal biased media, especially since it critcizes the Obama campaign. With all the attack levied on Sarah Palin after her candidacy was announced, why wasn't this one brought up with respect to Joe Biden at all?

Yesterday I had a guy ask me my thoughts about the presidential race. My answer was, "I am glad that my faith and trust is in the Lord Jesus Christ and not on any presidential candidate."


Southern Belle said...

That is just the tip of the iceberg of things that upset me about Biden/BHO.

But I know that God is Sovereign and God is in control!