Jan 4, 2008

Taking a blogging break...

Happy New Year everyone. I will be taking a short blogging break for the next couple of weeks while I work hard on writing my papers for my upcoming doctoral seminar. I have been reading the books listed on the bottom of my blog for a seminar on "Spiritual Formation of the Minister" that I will be taking in New Orleans on Jan 14-16. It's been some good reading. However, I have two 10-12 page papers that are due on the 14th and several other papers that are due over the next three weeks.

I will post some small updates and blogs when I can, but time will be limited. I also have lost of thoughts that have been generated by my readings, specifically in The Trivialization of God by Donald McCullough. This is the third time I have read this book and it's one of the most personally challenging books I have ever read.

Hope you had a great holiday season and that you are still busy keeping all your New Year's resolutions. Congrats to Mike Huckabee on the Iowa Caucus win last night. Still not sure where I am on the whole political presidential race yet, but Huckabee is a promising candidate.

I'll keep you posted as I can...