Jan 11, 2008

Brief check in...Heading to Starkvegas

Just a brief check-in this week to let you know I am still alive. Unfortunately, the 2 papers that are supposed to be written by tonight are still not written. One is almost finished, the other just started. I hope to make some major headway on them today.

Tonight I am taking my oldest son Nathan to a Father/Son Baseball Camp at MSU in Starkville. Baseball has been a major passion of mine since I was a kid, especially at MS State. Some of my fondest memories are going with my dad to Starkville for a double header SEC game and sitting in the stands at Dudy Noble. I remember watching Will Clark hit a ball as far as I have ever seen one hit over the right field fence. I remember that Palmeiro was always my favorite. I loved the smell of the burgers and ribs cooking in the Left Field Lounge, even though my dad never went out there.

Nathan and I will be spending the night tonight and going through some drills with the MSU coaches and players during the day tomorrow. He's becoming a pretty good ball player and I hope this helps him become even better. Mostly, I just like that we get to spend 24 hours together, just the 2 of us.

Pray for me that I get these papers typed. Still got a lot of reading to do too.


Cabes said...

good post. Ill be praying for you bro. And good luck with those paper! I feel your pain!