Apr 9, 2013

End It...

Today is a national day to bring awareness to the "End It Movement" and the issue of global slavery.  Most people are still very unaware that slavery not only still exists in our world, but that it is a larger problem than ever before.  I am proud of Louie Giglio and the Passion Movement for the effort they have brought to this cause.  Here is a powerful video from the End It website:

Pray for those who are enslaved today through human trafficking. Pray that they find freedom both physically as well as spiritually in the gospel.
Pray for those who are the enslavers that God will convict and save them.
Pray for governments to crack down on human trafficking and slavery.
Pray for God to continue to motivate a generation to bring awareness to this issue.
Pray that the money that is being raised through these efforts will be used wisely by these organizations to help rescue and redeem those caught up in slavery.