Sep 14, 2012

Around the Internet

Here are some great posts and articles I think would be well worth the read.

Life: A Fabulous Choice - This is a great post by my friend Jenny Funderburke. I worked with Jenny for many years and didn't know this part of her story.  This is a great post to remind us when demagogues stand up and cheer the ending of life in the name of a "woman's right" that there are much larger things at stake than "rights".

Why Little Kids Need Big Bible Words - I appreciate this post by Trevin Wax.  Trevin is one of the editors for The Gospel Project from Lifeway.  We are using this new curriculum with our kids and youth ministry here at SSBC.  I am glad to know these guys believe that even if the kids can't understand the word now, we are planting seeds for gospel growth later.

I'm Christian...Can I Vote for a Mormon?  This post by Denny Burk has a great video panel discussion from Southern Seminary to help people really understand the foundations of Mormonism and our political tensions as Christ-followers.  This is a vitally important topic that is causing a lot of tension for many in the church.  This video is a must watch.  These guys say it much better than I can.

Last Ounce of Courage - There is a new movie coming out this weekend that you may not have heard about yet.  It's called "Last Ounce of Courage" and it looks pretty good.  There was a free preview here in Alex City last night for pastors, but I couldn't go.  However, I have heard from some of the pastors that went and they highly encouraged us to let people know this is a great movie to see.  If you are looking for a movie to watch this weekend, I would suggest this instead of some junk about demon possession.

I just saw on some other's blog today that a trailer has just been released for the new movie on Lincoln directed by Steven Spielberg coming out this fall.  This looks pretty good.