May 25, 2012

When Did I Get So Old?

I have been spending a lot of time this past week asking myself where time has gone and how did I get so old so quickly.  Now I know that some of you will chuckle and tell me that "43 is not old", and I would agree.  However, my good friend Jason Seales likes to remind me all the time that I am no longer a "young pastor".  God has blessed me with many reminders lately of my age and my blessings and fruit in ministry.

Recently, our church hired a new Worship Pastor who is 21 years old.  Allen is extremely talented and mature for his age.  However, he is also so young.  Now with him, I have a 21 year old worship leader, a 31 year old youth pastor, and 24 year old children's minister.  I recently joked with my staff that I was going to get them all "sippee cups" with the church logo on them.  I find myself often having to be the "old sage" who gives advice.  It's a fun and honored place to be, but it is also a reminder of how well I need to lead them as they lead others.

Also, I have recently had some milestones in several of my former students from my youth ministry days.  One of my former students got married last weekend.  His brother is getting married in August.  I have two other weddings from former students that I am performing this fall.  I do about 2-3 weddings of former students each year.  I am seeing baby pictures on Facebook from former students on a weekly basis.  I have four former students that are currently in seminary studying for ministry and one that is starting in the fall.  I have a former student that is serving in South America as a missionary right now.  Another former student is spending two weeks this summer in Niger.  All of this is a gracious reminder to me from my Lord that not only am I getting older, but that God's grace will eventually provide for all ministers the ability to enjoy the fruits of their labors. 

In my family, I look at my oldest son and am humbled.  He's 12 years old and is 5'7" and weighs over 200 pounds.  He's already wearing a bigger shoe than me!  He starts middle school in the fall.  That is surreal.  All four of my boys are growing so fast. 

I find myself now going to bed hoping that I only wake up one time to go to the bathroom.  I hear popping in joints I didn't know I had.  I tried shagging outfield balls for my sons baseball team this year and bruised my heel and couldn't walk for three days.  Last week I even found myself watching a documentary on PBS.

When did I get so old?

P.S. Anyone have any Metamucil?