Apr 21, 2012

Well Done Chuck Colson! A faitful servant goes home

One of the most influential people on my Christian walk has been Chuck Colson.  I first was introduced to him as a young seminary student when I picked up and read The Body.  I was hooked on his writings and insights.  He was a brilliant mind and one of the most compassionate men.  I read Loving God, Kingdoms in Conflict, and many others. 

Colson did a lot to keep Christians informed about the real issues at stake in the culture.  While I didn't share his stance in the ECT: Evangelicals and Catholics Together, I admired him for the way he could bridge so many gaps.  His ministry through Prison Fellowship was groundbreaking and biblical and has resulted in many men rightly condemned for their crimes to become God's children. 

Here is a stirring video that Prison Fellowship has put together on his life.