Jan 2, 2012

Read through the Word in 2012

Since it's the beginning of the new year, many of us commit to read the Bible more intentionally.  There are lots of great Bible reading plans out there.  I have tried several of them.  This year I am going to read through the Discipleship Journal plan.  One reason I like this plan is that the readings are broken down into 25 readings a month so it gives you some extra days to catch up if you fall behind.  If you aren't behind, you can spend the extra days studying some of the passages you read that are meaningful to you. 

I am using a paper copy in my Bible and also YouVersion to track my progress.  If you are signed up on YouVersion, then look me up and be a friend so we can encourage one another and share any notes or insights. YouVersion also has some great apps that you can use on your smart phone to help you keep up. 

Are you reading the word more intentionally this year.