Dec 8, 2010

Why one "Mac" guy is very disappointed in Apple...

In this "politically correct" and "tolerant" society, it's not surprising but certainly is disappointing that Apple last week decided to pull the app for the Manhattan Declaration from it's store.  It's another sign in the continuing saga that holding to a gospel-centered, Christian worldview is viewed as "intolerant" and "bigoted" in today's society.  Our culture has shifted rapidly over the last 40 years away from centrally help objective standard.  This is another example of the radical depravity of sin that pervades not just every person, but ultimately can pervade society.  Our culture, while trying to exalt human dignity and value, exalts humanistic value above all else.  While cloaking itself as upholding the value of individuals, it has created a society where the free exchange of competing ideas is squashed.  As we continue to slide toward Gomorrah, Romans 1:18-32 continues to be a picture not just of our future, but of our present as well.  The gospel presented in Romans is not about being "anti-gay" but instead is summed up in phrase "who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth (18)."

We see that part of the judgment of God is that He gives them over to a "debased mind" that no longer has any ability to determine righteousness or unrighteousness.  This is the natural course of sin.  This is the passive judgment of God where He allows people (and a culture) to see and feel the full effects of their depravity.  This is why it is of paramount importance that we build our churches and ministry upon a strong foundation of the gospel.  This is why we must preach and teach the gospel to ourselves every day.  This is why we must take people away from the issue of homosexuality and back to Genesis 3 where we show them how "original sin" causes us to reject God's word and become our own idols. 

Bottom line, Apple is a "for-profit" company that is more afraid of the backlash and political implications of offending a minority than the implications of offending Christians.  Why?  Because as Christians we will meekly step aside like many times before.  In the meantime, I don't see Apple pulling off podcasts from it's Apple store that bash Christianity, openly call the church "anti-gay", or promote ideas that Christians would find offensive.  Why not?  They would want to promote free and open dialogue of course - except in the case of the Manhattan Declaration app.

Here is a great video done by Chuck Colson about the implications of this decision on our political culture.  There is much more here at stake than just "some Christians being offended."