Nov 19, 2010

Dominican Republic Mission Trip - Final Update

It's good to be back home on U.S. soil.  Yesterday was a long day of finishing up in the DR and traveling home.  On our last night in the DR, we had a great worship service.  Andy Pettite shared his testimony of coming to faith in Christ as a teenager and his career in MLB as a Christ-follower.  He also shared his regret for the incident where it was discovered that he had taken Human Growth Hormone and the damage it did to his reputation as a player and Christian.  Ken Whitten brought us another strong message from Psalm 37.  He is a gifted communicator and encourager.  After worship, we spent some time with some of the pro players we had become close to and did a video interview with them to show to our church.  We also stayed up late talking until past midnight about our experience and the challenges we had received in our walk with Christ.

Thursday morning began our last day of clinics.  We had the privilege of going to a complex that was built by the Rawlings Foundation to support the work of SCORE International and their vision of reaching children with baseball.  They had three wonderful fields and a housing complex that can house 1000 kids.  We split up and did a clinic.  Our group had to leave before the clinic was over to get to the airport for our flight home.  We left the DR with hearts that were full and broken for the kids of the DR.  All our teams had ministered to about 6,000 kids during the week and saw close to 4,000 indicate some decision for Christ.  We were able to pass our food to many people.  We also developed some great bonds with brothers-in-Christ from around the country. 

When we arrived in the country, the first thing we did after passing through customs...Whoppers from Burger King.