Nov 15, 2010

Dominican Republic Mission Trip - Day 2

Hey everyone!  Quick we had our first day of baseball clinics here in the DR.  After a long day traveling and long night meeting, we got to bed about 11:00 last night and woke at 6:00 this morning. (Actually, my phone went off about 5:00 in my room b/c I forgot to disarm it. So Bryan Riddle and I had a hard wake-up followed by another hard wake-up call an hour later). 

We had a great breakfast followed by a morning devotional time.  During our devotion, we called a guy in High Point, NC who has been on these trips before.  However, his family recently found out that their 14-year old son has an aggressive form of cancer.  He was diagnosed last year, underwent treatment, was declared clean this Spring, but the cancer has come back and is stronger.  Doctors have given him 6-12 months.  For that reason, he couldn't come this year.  We prayed with him and each of us felt the overwhelming weight imagining having to go through that with our sons. 

After devotion, we loaded up in the buses.  All of the guys from Sixth Street are on the same squad.  We went to a field in San Pedro de Marcoris that was at one time the Dominican home of the Houston Astros.  This village once heavily relied on a sugar cane plantation that has been closed for 25 years.  Most of the people are out of work and look around town for work.  San Pedro is the home for many Major League players, most famously Sammy Sosa.  The field was invaded by probably 200 kids.  Baseball is their only way out of poverty and their great passion.  One kid who was out there had only one arm.  He was deformed from birth.  He would field the ball, pop it up in the air, take off his glove, catch the ball and throw.  Most of the kids didn't have gloves and many didn't have shoes.  However, they all were thrilled to be playing baseball and showing off for us "gringos".  After the clinic, one of the guys shared his testimony and John Zeller shared the gospel. Several students indicated a desire to ask Christ to be their Savior.  That's what it's all about!

After coming back to the hotel for lunch, the other guys headed out to another clinic.  I stayed in the hotel trying to shake off a sinus infection.  Thanks for all your prayers.  Each of us have been greatly impacted today and it's only the first day.  More updates to come...