Aug 23, 2010

Lift up prayers for Sterling Davis

Saints of God, please lift up prayers of intercession for a great young kid named Sterling Davis.  Sterling will be having brain surgery tomorrow, August 24th for a tumor in his brain.  This will be Sterling's second such surgery in the last few years.  He is the son of Roger and Becca Davis.  I have had the awesome privilege of knowing Roger for many years now.  He is the guru behind the success of Student Life summer camps.  I am grateful to be able to call Roger my friend.  I have known and watched Roger as he and Becca began to date, get married, and eventually started having a boatload of kids.  Like Alison and me, the Lord has given them many blessings.  They are awesome parents.  More importantly, they are awesome servants of the Lord Jesus.  As long as I have known Roger, he has been a man who brings encouragement to others, especially those who are suffering. In their first episode with Sterling, Roger often let us know of other families they had met with similar suffering and asking his friends on Twitter and Facebook to pray for these families.  It's amazing that in the midst of watching your child suffering and recovering to see someone who still minister to others.  That is the peace and comfort that God's sovereignty can bring.

Sterling has a tumor that causes him to frequently have difficult seizures.  I know as a parent that this has to tear at their hearts.  However, Roger and Becca continue to walk through these events with Sterling and still say "Blessed be the name of the Lord."  Tomorrow's surgery will be a difficult one.  Pray for the doctors to have clarity, accuracy, and success in removing the tumor.  Pray that God will strengthen Sterling's body to handle the trauma of surgery.  Pray for God to hold Roger and Becca in his righteous right hand as they trust Sterling to God's sovereignty and the surgeon's skill.  Pray for the recovery.  Above all, pray that God will continue to glorify himself in his servants and in Sterling's body.