Feb 8, 2010

Monday Morning Clarity

Wrapping up another great weekend at Sixth Street yesterday.
  • The weather was cold, but there was a great spirit of anticipation yesterday. It manifested itself in our music and prayer time. I am thankful for such a sensitive church family that deeply desires to see God move in our midst.
  • We took a group of 21 men to the Johnny Hunt Men's Conference at Woodstock on Friday and Saturday. We had an awesome time on the vans together. The teaching was great and the music was incredible. It's always a blessing to see men band together to worship God and surrender to His purposes. I told the men before we left that I was praying God would "ruin them." I heard many great comments from the guys and the energy was transferred to Sunday morning.
  • I honestly believe that the key to seeing God move in our church lies in our ability to reach, challenge, and equip men to be godly, spiritual leaders. We've got lots of room to improve in this area, but God is moving.
  • I enjoyed preaching on worship yesterday. I have a deep passion to see God's people worship God with freedom and transparency. I agree with Bob Russell that the most magnetic evangelistic tool we have is the power of a church that worships God in "spirit and truth."
  • Awesome time last night at our "Big Game Fellowship." We had a ton of food and it was all awesome. It was great to see the Saints win, but honestly, the best part was seeing people spend time together. Most people sat around tables and played games or talked with very little attention to the game. That's "koinoinia"! I also had the opportunity to talk with a young man who has spent years in addiction and self-destruction and see him now embrace the grace and forgiveness of the gospel. Pray for Michael. God has given us stewardship over him. He needs much prayer and discipling in the days ahead.
  • We have a Valentine's Banquet coming up this weekend. Hope you bought your tickets!


George said...

It's great to read about what God is doing at Sixth Street! Love the look of the blog. Keep it up!!

Beth said...

You reminded me of something. At our church, on Sunday nights we do "small groups" but they call them K-groups. (K for Koinoinia). We discuss the sermon from the morning before and then sing praise songs and then fellowship. It is truly an awesome time!