Feb 25, 2010

Mid-Week Check-In

Ok. It's become apparent that being able to provide a weekly review of the weekend on Monday morning is just not possible for me. I think it's mostly because by Monday morning, I am pretty tired from the events of the weekend. I am usually spending some time in the morning winding down and also catching up on things that set up the week ahead. So, I am changing the "Monday Morning Clarity" to a "Mid-Week Check-In". I will use this to review some of the highlights of the weekend and announce some things that are coming.
  • We had another great crowd at Sixth Street with a tangible, thick presence of the Holy Spirit. I was very thankful to have my mom with us for the weekend. She had a great time meeting the people of the church and getting to see me preach.
  • We had a powerful start to the services by seeing two new Christians get baptized! I believe that baptism and celebrating life-change are the best way to start worship together and provides a tangible excitement to the crowd. Let's get active church in sharing the gospel so we can continue to see changed lives.
  • We finished the "EKKLESIA" series this past week. This Sunday, we are starting a three week series called "Going Public" about sharing your faith. This is part of preparing us for the "Across Alabama" campaign to prayerwalk and distribute invitations to attend church on Easter. My hope is that we can overcome our natural fear of witnessing and be able to comfortably share the gospel with our family, friends, and neighbors.
  • If you missed Sunday night, you missed a treat. We were blessed to have two couples that are very dear to me share about their upcoming journey to Swaziland, Africa. The Clyburns and McAdams are friends that Alison and I got to know in Alabaster. They are leaving the states possibly in June for at least a two-year ministry to orphans in Swaziland. They shared stats and photos of the dire situation in Swaziland. Please continue to pray for them as they seek to get financial support.
  • The Across Alabama stuff is really beginning to develop. We will have a 24-hour prayer vigil on March 12-13 and a community prayerwalk on Saturday, March 20th. Please sign up at the info desk or see Gary Hines to be a part of this event.
  • On a selfish, personal sports moment - congrats to Kendall Graveman who made his first two appearances for the Mississippi State Bulldog baseball team this last week. I am proud to have Kendall as part of the Bulldog family. He has looked pretty good in his first two relief appearances! Go Kendall and Go Dawgs!
  • Buckets of Hope - several of you have taken the flyers to get stuff together to send to Haiti. I have heard that because of the response from area churches that getting buckets and lids is hard to do. Keep trying. If you are going to do a bucket, please have it here by March 4th so we can deliver it.
Hope you are having a great week and see you Sunday!