Jan 19, 2010

Helping In Haiti?

I have been asked by a couple of members of Sixth Street if we are going to do anything to help with relief in Haiti. I had thought of doing something this past Sunday, but didn't have enough time to decide and announce it. I have heard of some churches that have given 10% of their Sunday offerings or taken special offerings to help with relief efforts. I certainly want us at Sixth Street to do something tangible.

In times like this, the Red Cross gets most of the attention. They are by far the largest and most mobilized organization to respond to disasters. Did you know, however, that Southern Baptists are the third-largest disaster relief response organization? Baptists have an awesome system to not only provide food, clothing, and clean-up, but also to share the important message of hope in the gospel. I am certified as a Disaster Relief volunteer with Alabama Baptists, but do not have my specialized certifications. You can read more about the SBC response in this article.

We will take any donations that you feel led to give to help with relief in Haiti. We will channel all donations at this time to the SBC Disaster Relief. Just make a check out to SSBC and put "Haiti" in the for line. I would also highly endorse another organization that is on the ground in Haiti - Compassion International. They have many sponsored children in the country and are doing a great job as well. You can donate to them by following this online link.

Whatever God leads you to do, know that you can make a huge difference for the gospel. If you would like to be a part of starting a disaster relief team here at Sixth Street, please drop me an email at mhaines@sixthstreetbaptistchurch.com.