Nov 29, 2009

Advent: The Light is Coming

Starting this morning at Sixth Street, we are doing two emphases to celebrate the Christmas season. First of all, we will be lighting an advent wreath and observing Advent moments with families from Sixth Street in our worship service. "Advent" simply means coming and is the time liturgically when the church as recognized a time of expectant waiting in preparation for the coming of Jesus on Christmas. My hope and prayer is that we will create a holy sense of expectation about Christmas that will cut through the commercialism and consumerism that bombards us. I hope that we will be more expectant of the celebration of the Messiah as we are about Black Friday deals.

We will also be starting a new series called "Characters of Christmas" where we will look at 4 of the characters of the holiday season and what their lives teach us about God's plans and purposes for our lives. Today we will look at Simeon and "When You Finally See God's Promises". I hope it will be a special holiday time for us as a church.