Sep 3, 2009

Colege Football Is Here!

It's time for that mind-numbing, rabid-fan-following, tailgating, experience known every year as College Football. I live in the South and if you don't live in the South, you have no idea of the power and cult-following of southern college football. Worse yet, I live in Alabama where the spiritual environment of church on Sunday morning is created in Bryant-Denny and Jordan-Hare on Saturday nights. Even worse, I am a MS State fan living in Alabama where lately I have been exposed to year-after-year of futility while watching the other teams in the SEC compete for BCS bowls and National Championships.

However, today is the day that we all look forward to. Today, everyone is undefeated. Today, everyone has promise to be better than last year. Today, is about hope and fun and the promise of a new season.

On a personal note, as a MS State fan, we are pumped about the potential of the program under new coach Dan Mullen. Mullen has excited the Bulldog base with his enthusiasm and creativity. The last few years have been an offensive nightmare while our defense has usually been one of the best in the conference. However, the defensive talent was overshadowed and worn down by excessive "three and outs" and turnovers that create short fields. Mullen's Bulldogs may not lead the SEC in offense this year, but we are all expecting significant improvements. We hope to be more competitive in games and average more than 15 points per game (last in the SEC). Here's to you Coach Dan! To you and the Bulldogs I say "Go Dawgs!"

The experience of college football is here! Despite a recession, the swine flu, and a disappointing season of 24, all is right again with the world. Now excuse me. I need to go put another coat on my cowbell...