Aug 22, 2009

Review of Rick and Bubba's Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage

My latest book review from Thomas Nelson was a favorite and one I felt lucky to receive. Rick and Bubba’s Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage is a great read for any and all married couples. I have been a member of the Rick and Bubba Army for over a decade now. These guys are the real deal. I have had the privilege of personally talking to them several times and these guys are great entertainers who are also passionate about their faith in Jesus Christ.

In this book, Rick and Bubba move from their opinions about life, hunting, and politics to the subject of marriage. They do a good job of bringing in the good and bad of their unions with the lovely Sherry Burgess and Betty Lou Bussey. The bad is always done so with a great deal of comedic timing. Most R&B fans will remember some of the stories they share in this book from earlier radio spots.

In this book, Rick and Bubba tackle the issues of fighting effectively, how to make sure you have the right mate, why married couples have it better than singles, how to deal with your spouse’s annoying habits, and why husbands get blamed for everything. They even give guys the long-awaited “Book of Blame” helping you know why you get blamed for not getting the perfect Christmas gift, making everyone late, how you got everyone lost even when she had the map, and how you ruined supper when you were never in the kitchen.

This book is a great read for you and your spouse. Like most of their other books, it comes with a CD in the back with some of the best bits on marriage from the show. If you are a fan, you need this book. If you’ve not been a part of the army, get this book and get on the wagon.