Oct 17, 2008

Wow! What a comeback!

Last night I witnessed the largest comeback by a team facing elimination in a baseball postseason. My boys from Beantown came back from seven runs down with seven outs left in the season to win it in the bottom of the ninth. I started the night with the guys from my Top Gun group at church. About 7:15, my brother sent me a text message complaining that the Rays had already hit a two-run hr in the top of the first. This was the pattern the last three games - the Rays getting out to an early lead with the long ball. We finished our group early and headed off to Buffalo Wild Wings to get a bite and watch the movie. On the way my brother sent another text complaining that the Sox struck out with 2 on and 2 out in the bottom of the second. I sent a simple text back - "Come back in the 7th, my prediction."

As I got into BWW, I saw the hr by Pena and Longoria to make it 5-0 Rays. Then after heading home, I got there in time to see Francona bring in Papelbon in the top of the 7th with two on. B.J. Upton hit a double to make it 7-0 Rays and all hope seemed lost. However, I had a good feeling about the bottom of the 7th. My brother, on the other hand, took some Tylenol PM and went to bed.

Then...the Fenway magic kicked back in. Pedroia came up with runners on 1st and 3rd and roped a single to right. Then Big Papi jacked a low fastball into the right field bleachers ending a 61 at bat streak in the postseason without a hr. 7-4 Rays. Papelbon shut down the Rays in the top of the 8th. Bottom of the 8th - Jason Bay (the guy who we got for Manny who has done way more this postseason than Manny did last) walked.

My boy J.D. Drew came up and slammed a fastball over the right field fence. 7-6 Rays. Fenway was going ape! You just started getting that feeling. I was sending my brother messages but getting no response. Then Mark Kotsay laced a double over center field. Coco Crisp fouled off 6 pitches in a 10 pitch ab before lacing a single to right. Ball game tied! I sat in my living room laughing my head off at what I was seeing. Never count the Red Sox out, especially at Fenway.

Masterson got Pena to ground into a dp to end the top of the 9th. Bottom of the ninth, Pedroia grounds to short, Papi strikes out, Youk fouls off several pitches and then grounds one to potential gold glove third baseman Evan Longoria. Bad throw! Youk to second. Bay intentionally walked. Now comes up the 8th inning hero and new Boston icon J.D. Drew. Drew laces a ball over Gabe Gross in right! Red Sox win! Ball Game! Back to Tampa!

It was a great ballgame to witness. Don't know if my Sox will win game 6 tomorrow night or the series. I like our chances with Beckett and Lester. Whatever the case, the Red Sox reminded me again why I love them so. I've seen this too many times in the last 5 years. Hopefully they can keep their momentum going and get a big lead in Topicana Field. Either way, thanks Red Sox for another magical night. Best part about it was when my brother called me in the bottom of the 8th asking me "Dude what happened? Am I dreaming this?"