Aug 4, 2008

What's Up With That!

Alright. I have been waiting to post this kind of stuff for a while because I didn't want to vent and complain, but it's getting hard. It's about time I posted some of the stuff that chaps my anal cheeks and seem to be repeated way too often. Here are a few of my major peaves:

1. Today I went to the Whataburger drive-thru for lunch. The drive-thru worker came on and said, "Welcome to Whataburger. May I take your order." I then proceeded to clearly, slowly, and succinctly say "I would like a Patty Melt Meal with a Diet Coke." Then after a long pause, the girl came back and said, "A patty melt meal and what to drink." WHAT'S UP WITH THAT! This happens way too often. I once went to Hardee's for breakfast and said "A ham buscuit and Diet Coke." After a long pause the person said, "A sausage buscuit and what to drink." What's up with that! For the third time I said "A HAM BUSCUIT AND A DIET COKE!"

Now I know that the food service business is not the top of the list option for most people. But if you are working there, do it right. I would rather you say, "Just a second please" than to ask me for my order while you really aren't listening, taking money from the person at the window, or jaw-jacking with your coworkers. Come on!

2. While I'm on the fast food industry, let's also pay attention to the orders. I was at the window a few months ago at Taco Bell while my bag sat on the counter and the guy at the window took my money and mysteriously disapperared. He was gone for like 5 minutes to only God knows where. Then he came back and was talking with his co-workers while I sat there staring at my bag about to scream. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!

3. Driving too slow in the left hand lane! I have tried to look this up as an Alabama law and haven't found it, but I believe that most places abide by the "Slower Traffic Keep Right" policy, but apparently not in Birmingham! Today as I drove to work, a Chevy Cavlier driving in the left hand lane at 45 in a 55 mile per hour zone. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT! Why do some people have an obsession with cruising 10-15 miles per hour below the speed limit in the left hand lane. Are they liberals who just can't go right for any reason? Is the left hand lane more comfortable? Are you that blind to the people who are passing you? Come on!

4. No Sweet Tea - This one chaps me major! It's been a long lamented fact that you can't get sweet tea north of Kentucky, but there are actually some places here in the South that you can't get sweet tea. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT! Is it that hard to put a couple of cups of sugar in the tea as it is brewing? I understand that they're just too dumb in the North to figure it out. Why would any restaurant south of the Mason-Dixon line not serve sweet tea. The staff at Westwood went to a seafood restaurant a couple of years ago in Florida. This was an expensive place! I asked for sweet tea and the girl said, "We have unsweet. You can use the packets." I looked at her and said, "Isn't Florida in the South?"

(Let's be clear, you can't sweeten tea after it's cold by putting sugar in it. Half of it melts and the other half sinks to the bottom giving you a major sugar rush when you finish drinking your unsweet tea. And those dang blue, pink, and yellow packets don't work either. It's like putting rat poison in your tea and acting like you enjoy it.)

I looked at the waitress and said, "Here's what I want. Would you please get someone to make me a fresh pot of tea." She said "Yes". Then I said "While it is still hot, can you get them to drop a couple of cups of sugar in it?" She said "I can't do that." You gotta be kidding me! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!

Feel free to comment below and add your own personal "What's Up with That!" pet peave.


Tom Bird said...

Great blog entry Matt.

When people accuse Northerners of being "dumb" and the use the word "chapes" instead of "chaps" I have to say...



David said...

Haines could you do me a favor and never use the expression, "chaps my anal cheeks?" That makes me a litte sick to my stomach.

Matt Haines said...

it's fixed now tom and thanks for the spelling lesson. I should have known a reformed Northerner would know more about anal chaping than me.