Aug 23, 2008

Ping Pong...Sport?

Alright, I was just watching some of the Olympics and watching the gold medal match in Table Tennis. (Yes it's raining and my life is that sad right now) Anyway, I got to wondering when did the International Olympic Committee decide that Ping Pong is an act of athletic prowess? And how does Table Tennis stay in the Olympics but baseball and softball have to go after this year?

Now I will acknowledge that in the world of Ping Pong, these guys and girls are good. I would readily admit that they would kick my tail. But, I never once in my life said "I'm looking for a good, challenging athletic competition. I know! Ping Pong!" I have never thought about signing one of my kids up at the park for a Ping Pong league. I have never thought about becoming a volunteer Ping Pong coach at the local park. I have never asked Nathan to do push ups to develop his ping pong muscles.

These girls just took a time out to get a sports drink! Are you kidding me! And the announcer just said about one of the girls, "I don't think she has much left in the tank!" I am dying! This is ridiculous.