Apr 27, 2008

Sorry for the absence

Lots happening. It's a busy time. Here are a few things happening lately...

- Nathan, my 8 year old, is playing baseball (machine pitch). His team is 7-3 and in first place. We had a slight 2 game losing streak this week, but broke out of it Saturday.
- Nathan's batting .680 for the year through 10 games. He's had 7 doubles, 1 triple, and 1 hr. He's also had 20 rbi's.
- Drew's playing soccer. His team is 3-2-2. Drew's trying hard. Hasn't scored a goal yet, but has a couple of assists. He plays pretty good defense. He spends a lot of time chasing the ball.
- I am hiring a new assistant at work. My ministry assistant the last couple of years, Jodi, went to work in our preschool department. Thanks for all your service Jodi.
- I'm behind in my reading for my next and final doctoral seminar in May. I'm reading books on missional churches. Some fascinating stuff and should be a good seminar.
- Alison and I have started a new small group with three other couples. It's going really good right now. We're in the beginning stages and are getting to know each other. Great conversation and good spiritual dialogue right now. We didn't meet tonight, and I miss doing so.
- I'm frustrated with the Red Sox this week. Had a great week last week, but lost 5 games to the Angels and the Rays. Come on Sox!
- I'm more frustrated with the MSU baseball team. Horrible pitching and bad losses abound. Legendary Ron Polk announced his retirement at the end of the season. The fanbase is looking for a big name coach to replace him.
- I still think Joel Osteen is dangerous.
- I still think Oprah's more so.
- My throat hurts with all this pollen stuff going on.

That's about it for now. More to come.