Apr 12, 2008

Hello from the Passion Conference

Hello everyone. Checking in from Atlanta and the Passion Conference. We're at a dinner break and will be heading back for the closing session in a few moments.

The conference kicked off last night with Chris Tomlin leading worship and Louie Giglio bringing an incredible message about the heartbeat of Passion. He read an emotional series of entries from the journal of a girl named Ashley who met Christ through a roommate who had attended the Passion 07 conference last year. In the course of about 14 days from the simple testimony and life of one girl, Ashley went from non-believer to embracing the gospel of Christ. The evening was closed by David Crowder Band.

This morning we were led in worship by Charlie Hall. Francis Chan brought an awesome message about the power of the Holy Spirit and his role in our lives. WOW! The afternoon session was led by DCB and Louie. Louie challenged the attendees to understand that not only is suffering a reality of life, it may be the thing that God uses to leverage the truth of the gospel through our lives. He finished Ashley's story that he started the day before with a gut-wrenching series of e-mails. I won't ruin it for you. You need to get the dvd.

About to head back in a few moment for the evening and final session.

P.S. Currently the Sox are losing to the Yankees 2-1 in the 6 but two are on and Big Papi is coming up!