Mar 22, 2008

Thank you...

Yesterday was the day historically set aside for Good Friday. It's the traditional celebration of the death of Christ on the cross. While Christmas brings us the theological understanding of "Incarnation", Good Friday brings us the concept of "Propitiation" and "Justification".

Propitiation means that Christ provided an "atoning sacrifice" for our sins. It's not just enough that as a human Jesus died on the cross. The sinless perfection of Christ's life means that his sacrifice provided an atonement for our sins. Despite many who now want to deny the blood nature of the atonement, Jesus' death and all it's gruesomeness provided the payment necessary to provide for forgiveness of sins.

Make no mistake, the cross of Jesus is not some pretty symbol to wear around our necks or dangle from our ears. It should be a constant reminder of the grotesque extremes that God would go to in order ransom His glory that was marred by our sin. The cross has been aptly named by some "A Violent Grace".

Not only does the cross provide atonement, but also is the means of a legal transaction on our account. Justification is a legal term where God credits our account with the limitless account of Jesus Christ. Although we are guilty, God declares us "Not Guilty" because of Christ. I remember once that Wayne Watson wrote a song in which he said, "His gaze always passes through rose colored glasses." When God looks at his children, his sees us through the work of Christ. The greatest definition I ever heard of justification was provided by John MacArthur. He said, "The Father treated Christ as if he were me so that he could treat me as if I were Christ."

So in the maze of Easter candy, family get-togethers, chocolate bunnies, and filled churches, let us not forget how good Good Friday really is. Thank you Jesus.


Haines said...

Amen Brother! Thanks...I needed that!