Feb 5, 2008

Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials for 2008

Alright, I'm a day late on this one. I promised I would post my take on the top commercials. That's why most people watch the Super Bowl anyway, right. Overall, I would say that I thought the humor quality of the commercials was down this year. I didn't see as many that just came out of nowhere and made me slap my knees in humor.

With that said, here's my take on the Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials for this year.

10. Diet Pepsi Max "Bobbling Heads" - This one set to the classic Chris Katan SNL skit was really funny to me. I liked all the celebs falling asleep and having Katan at the end was great.
9. The E-trade Talking Baby - Talking babies are always funny - I don't care who you are. When the baby threw up at the end, I busted out.
8. Bud Light Cavemen - Overall, I thought Bud Light commercials took a step back this year. Like babies, talking cavemen are always good for a laugh. I liked the "Stone Sucks" line.
7. Coca-Cola "Jinx" with Bill Frist and James Carville - This one probably went over the head of a lot of younger viewers, but I thought Frist and Carville were the perfect couple for this commercial. Seeing that Coke brings everyone together brought a tear to my eye.
6. Bud Light - Will Ferrell - Will Ferrell is a nut...no doubt about it.
5. Planters Cashews - Ugly Woman - Seeing all those guys fawn over that ugly woman was awesome. Man she was ugly!
4. Bridgestone - Animals Screaming - Seeing that squirrel scream and all those other animals was very creative.
3. Tide - Talking Stain - This one was close to being #1. I thought that talking stain murmuring over the words that the guy was speaking was awesome.
2. FedEx - Carrier Pigeons - Birds Gone Wild!
1. Sobe - Dancing Lizards - This one had my kids on the floor laughing hysterically. Nice use of Michael Jackson and "Thriller"

You may or may not agree, but that's the best of the commercials in my humble opinion.


Cabes said...

i 100% agree with number 1...i was dying!