Feb 3, 2008

Super Bowl XLII ( or why the Patriots will complete the most dominating season ever)

Alright, since the Super Bowl is tonight and since I haven't blogged in over a week, I think I need to put a short post here going on record about the Super Bowl tonight. I am not a big NFL fan. I mostly only watch the NFL to keep up with my Fantasy Football players. I personally have no attachment to any NFL team. I mostly pull for whatever teams have an Mississippi State player who plays significant time (like Jerious Norwood for the Falcons).

Most everyone knows that I am a huge Boston Red Sox fan. By proxy, I also have some affinity for the Patriots. I have been rooting for them this season because it would be a magical year for the city of Boston to win the World Series, the Super Bowl, and have a chance for the Celtics to win the NBA Championship.

I am rooting for the Patriots tonight for a few reasons. First, I like Tom Brady. I have always pulled for any University of Michigan quarterbacks, especially a likeable guy like Brady. Second, no offense to my good friend and Miami Dolphin fanatic Danny Wash, but I am tired of hearing about the '72 Dolphins. I'll give Don Shula credit for an awesome season, but every year we hear about whether this team or that will pass the '72 Dolphins. Let's get it over already! I am tired of seeing Mercury Morris run his mouth on ESPN. I am tired of Shula's comments. Third reason I am rooting for the Patriots is because they are playing the New York Football Giants. It's the classic Boston - New York rivalry. I will never pull for a New York team over a Boston team. It's heresy! Fourth reason - ELI. Eli (I will never be as good as my brother Peyton) Manning followed in Daddy Manning's footsteps and went to Ole Miss. I couldn't root for him to win a spelling bee.

Anyway, it should be an entertaining game. The Giants played the Pats to the toughest game they faced this season. I think they have a chance to win. But, my prediction:

Patriots 35 Giants 24

I will be watching from the comfort of my living room. It should be a lot of fun. I'll post tomorrow my Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials.

Go Pats.