Dec 26, 2007

Time to go Bowling!

For the first time in seven years, MS State finds itself practicing after Christmas for an extra game to it's season. This week State is preparing to play Central Florida in the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. What a great year it's been for all of us MSU fans. Congrats to Coach Croom and the team for a great season.

Before the season began, a friend of mine in Birmingham asked me how many wins I thought we would have this year. My response was, "I think we should win 5 games and can win 6." Everyone thought I was crazy. I felt like we would win the UAB, Gardner Webb, and Tulane games. I felt good about the Ole Miss Game and thought we would win 2 of the following games - Kentucky, Alabama, and South Carolina. I didn't count on the Auburn win.

After the opening game against LSU everyone, including many State fans, mailed in much of the season. No one, including this fan, counted on what happened at Auburn. This year's team epitomized much of what Coach Croom has been instilling in this team since his beginning at MSU - hard work, play till the end, have the attitude of a winner. Now it's paid off. Hard working, suffering players like Titus Brown, Gabe O' Neal, Avery Hannibal, Royce Blackledge, and Eric Butler have finally been rewarded. The Maine and UAB loses have now been avenged.

My family and I will be attending the Liberty Bowl with over 30,000 other rabid MSU fans. It's been a good year for me and my boys. Nathan got to go to his first MSU game and went to three in all - UAB, Tennessee, and Ole Miss. Drew got to go to the Ole Miss game. My boys haven't known much of the losing seasons. Now they just know a Ms State team that has won games and swept their home state of Alabama. Thanks Coach Croom and the Bulldog team. Only one more game to win!


Haines said...

WOOOOO!!! Give me chill bumps bro! Can't wait to go to the game!!

Haines said...

Awesome game bro! We really enjoyed it and thanks very much for the tickets! We had a GREAT TIME!!